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Think Your Jerusalem Real Estate Is Risky?

Posted by Judith Ben Avi on April 2, 2015
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4 Reasons Why You Can Win It Today
While many luxury real estate markets are on the rocks, the Jerusalem real estate market has been flourishing steadily.  This is despite the murky
geo-political environment the country (Israel) has with its neighbors. Whether you are merely interested in acquiring a luxury apartments in Jerusalem for your holidays in the holy land or merely an opportunity investor, this article will reveal some of the reasons why you should not move away from the market just yet. Keep it here for the next 2 minutes to find out.

Weak European Economies

Most European countries have never been the same after the depression a few years ago. Unlike countries like Greece and Spain (the previous luxury real estate mavericks) where the depression depleted the value of real estate investments, Israel’s real estate market has never been better. In fact, the Jerusalem real estate market as well as the upper Herzliya Pituach real estate markets stayed untouched and unaffected.

With the new wind sweeping through it, there is no sign in sight to show that things will change anytime soon. This means that as a luxury real estate investor in Jerusalem rentals or sales, your investment is well secured by natural conditions.

Assured Demand For Real Estate

Research has shown that the demand for prime, luxury real estate in Jerusalem has been growing every year. In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of buyers of luxury real estate. Although there has been slight speculation to the effect that these numbers could drop, there are signs which show that the influx of overseas Israelis is rising.

Added to the fact that Jerusalem and Herzliya are real estate powerhouses, you can only assume that demand for fine real estate will increase further. Ultimately, the demand will keep rising, if not, outstrip supply.

Jerusalem Has Unmatched Sentimental Value

Of all cities in the world, Jerusalem has to be one with the most valued real estate. Think about it, Jerusalem is viewed highly by most people who feel it’s the holy land- especially Christians, Jews, Arabs, etc. This means that the buyers are more or less likely to be interested in a high worth real estate investment in the city (s). This sentiment, coupled with the fact that Jerusalem apartments are already prime luxury spots in Israel means that you cannot go wrong putting your money in a luxury real estate there.

Real Estate Prices in Jerusalem

Compared to other real estate markets around the world- think Madrid, New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong, etc. the price of Jerusalem rentals and Herzliya luxury real is kind of lower. A tiny luxury condo in LA or New York will probably give you a luxury condo and something else in Jerusalem or Herzliya.

Overall, buying into or investing in Jerusalem or Herzliya luxury real estate is a no brainer at all. If the points raised above don’t convince you, I don’t know what will. Nonetheless, feel free to share this article with others on social media.

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