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Living In Jerusalem – Where Old Meets New

Posted by Judith Ben Avi on February 22, 2015
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Living In Jerusalem
Jerusalem, the city of gold, the holy city and the city of peace. It is one of the oldest cities in the entire world.The city has been conquered and then reconquered, destroyed and rebuilt – century after century. Each stone and tree has a history and each mountain multiple names depending on who you ask. If you are considering purchasing European property you may find that Jerusalem real estate including Jerusalem rentals offers a number of similarities such as diversity, history, and culture, making it just as appealing as a location in Europe.

Old Versus New in Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem represents a vibrant combination of the ancient past and modern future. The old city walls still overlook the dusty souks, and the state-of-the-art light rail rushes past everything in a blur, including the five-star hotels, guest houses and the upscale shops on the Mamilla promenade. The ethnic landscape of this country mimics that of any European property and reflects the diversity of the current population, which is a true melting pot of modern Israeli society. When visiting Jerusalem, there are a number of different areas, each one offering a unique group of residents. This is just like Europe, where you will find different cultures, ethnicity’s and other diversities no matter where you go.

Important Information about Jerusalem

Both the Palestinians and the Israelis claim Jerusalem as their nation’s capital, which has caused a number of disputes in the past. While it is considered the biggest city in Israel, it also faces a number of difficulties, just as any country you visit in the world.

While the city of Jerusalem is a bit divided, it offers the same standard of living and quality of life of virtually any European country. After all, Jerusalem is one of the most loved and fought over cities in the entire world and offers all residents something unique to experience and enjoy. No matter where you decide to live – Jerusalem or  Europe – you will find there are benefits that far outweigh the minor issues that may be present.

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