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Enjoy the Peaceful Atmosphere in Jerusalem

Posted by Judith Ben Avi on August 5, 2015
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Atmospere in Jerusalem
Over the past six thousand years, the city of Jerusalem has fallen and risen many times anew. When people first settled around the hills of Gihon Spring, the city had already existed for centuries as a hilltop agricultural city, well within the realm of the Egyptian empire. After a devastating invasion by the Philistines about thirty-five hundred years ago, the small kingdom of Judea was formed by King David. While the region has grown, changed and reinvented itself countless times, Jerusalem remains a revered site for many and a pilgrimage destination for several faiths.

Experience Cultural Immersion Enjoy the Peaceful Atmosphere in Jerusalem

Today, Jerusalem exists as a diverse center of multi-theistic worship for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. For many visitors, seeing the sites that are central to their faith is an important pilgrimage. Located throughout the historic city are sacred places such as the Temple Mount, The Western (Wailing) Wall and the Church Of The Holy Sepulchre. The ancient beauty and timeless preservation of these important sites of devotion are the reason so many come to the city to stay, visit and experience the rich culture of Jerusalem, which means the City of Peace.

Planning your Visit

Visitors seeking Jerusalem rentals will find a welcoming array of locations from which to choose. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or as a family, there are many affordable and centrally located places to stay. With superior comfort and luxurious amenities, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the area, and you will be close to the sites you wish you visit. Many accommodations are within walking distance of important locations you will want to see.

No matter if you are an Israeli resident seeking an extended visit to the city or coming from abroad for the first time, there are many fine places to stay. Many owner-operated homes in Jerusalem rent for reasonable prices and have a minimum stay that suits most visitors. There are a range of sizes and prices depending on the size of your visiting party, the amenities and location. You’ll find several reliable websites that welcome online booking from your location. The sites include photos and details of the rental property to assist in your planning.

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