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What to Consider When Moving House at the Beginning of the Year

Posted by Judith Ben Avi on November 23, 2022
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The end of the year is always a period of reflection and excitement. It’s time to look back at what you achieved during the past year and plan for the next one. For some, it’s also a moment of temporary or permanent house change. Whether you’re looking for a new rental property or you’re going back to your hometown for a while, here are a few things to consider when moving house in January. 

What to Consider When Renting a House in January

Looking for a new dwelling can be daunting, especially at the end or the beginning of the year when there is already so much going on from celebrating New Year to successfully finishing your tasks at work and visiting relatives and friends. This is one of the reasons why you might want to leave the onerous task of finding a rental property to a real estate agent.

Since many professionals are on holiday in this period, it’s worth contacting an agency some time before you plan on moving. This way, your agent will have time to look for a property that fits your budget, needs, and preferences. 

Budget is obviously a key factor in this equation, especially if you upgrade your housing to a bigger place or move to a city such as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. 

Location is of primary importance too. Pick a neighborhood that offers all the right amenities for your lifestyle and is located within a manageable distance from the places you need to get to regularly. 

Finally, the total cost of moving house in January is something that needs careful pondering. Since this is not quite the season when most people move house, you might come across great rental deals. However, there are plenty of other things to consider, such as utility bills, parking costs, or security deposits. Make sure you establish your budget accurately. Avoid the unpleasant situation when you need to tap into your savings account or borrow money to afford to move. 


January House Moving Tips 

If you move back home to spend the beginning of the year with your family, you relocate, or simply want to rent another house, take your time to plan for this move. Being hasty can lead to mistakes. 

If there are lots of things to move, make a list so you don’t forget anything. If you need to pay a mover to help you out, make sure you check their availability in advance. 

Make sure to close the heating system from the place you leave behind and that it is fully functional where you are about to arrive. 

Before you set out, check traffic conditions and optimize your route, so you spend as little time on the road as possible. 

Overall, January can be a good time to move home since there is less demand in the rental property market and you can have a wider and more affordable range of options. Whether you move to a different house permanently or only for a few weeks, there’s always a lot of planning required, so take the time to do this right. 

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