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Rent apartments for short periods and benefits

Posted by mordi z on June 27, 2019
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15-1Booking hotels and vacation apartments online is becoming increasingly popular, and in a lot of cases, people prefer to cut out the middleman, and instead of book a room online without using a customer support service.

While it is easy to book a hotel room or an apartment online, this method has several disadvantages compared to companies that rent out short-term apartments for travelers.

The Advantages of Booking Short-Term Apartments for Vacations Through Rent Companies

Renting an apartment online is very popular among travelers who want to enjoy their privacy during trips. However, booking an apartment via online portals can cause several issues that might end up clouding the trip. Renting apartments via companies that specialize in the matter, on the other hand, has several notable advantages that you should consider when booking your next trip:

Added taxes

Hosts and guests in the European union are often subject to a value-added tax (VAT). Also, hosts may be subject to rental income taxes based on their income. As a result, apartment rental portals collect taxpayer information on their earnings. To avoid paying extra taxes, many apartment renters lie about renting out their apartment, which can cause guests problems in case the renting is discovered.


Private individuals who rent our apartments are often “free agents” that do not get regulated and checked. So, many choose to misrepresent themselves to attract travelers, who find out about the misrepresentation when it is too late. With these types of booking sites, what you see is not necessarily what you get, so there is no guarantee that the online photos represent the apartment you want, and that you are not paying too much for a run-down property.

Difficulty getting service 

One of the biggest drawbacks of apartment booking sites is there is no one to speak to in case you have questions/problems regarding the property. In case you need to cancel, change, or postpone your trip, you will have trouble getting in touch with someone to help you with these issues. With booking companies, on the other hand, there are customer support providers who can meet up with you to find out what type of property you want to rent, and how you want your vacation to like. This personal touch makes all the difference between a forgettable trip and a vacation you will always remember. 

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