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Prepare for Transitions Before the School Year Starts by Booking Rentals in Jerusalem

Posted by mordi z on May 5, 2021
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Students in Israel enjoy their summer breaks in July and August, with high school students having a longer break than elementary school students. If you’re thinking of relocating to Jerusalem with your children, the summer holiday is a good time to prepare them for the transition into their new school.

Going through the new school year transitions, whether to the next grade level or to a new school i.e. from elementary level to high school, can be difficult to students, as they’re faced with anxiety on what to expect in the next grade level and how to adjust to the new challenges. It is even more difficult for students who will be studying in a new country as in the case of children of non-Israeli businessmen or retirees relocating to Jerusalem.

Parents can feel anxious, too, and that’s why you should prepare for the transitions as early as possible when you’re relocating to Jerusalem with your children for the next school year.

Exploring rentals in Jerusalem can help you familiarize your available options on where you can live in.  Look into family-friendly neighborhoods as well as rentals with close proximity or easy access to your office or your children’s school. The rent rates range from fairly low to very high, thus, it’s important to do your research in advance to give you ample time to make a well-informed decision.

If you’re a non-Israeli individual and unfamiliar with the complicated local real estate laws and local regulations, it’s best to hire a lawyer to help you draft and go over the legal agreement.

If possible, do your research months before the summertime so that you can relocate with your family in Jerusalem in the two-month break before the new school year starts by August 31. By doing so, you and your children can start living in the new neighborhood and familiarizing with the new surroundings in order to lessen anxiety. Perhaps your kids can start making new friends, too, even before the school starts, and thus, encouraging social relationships.

Consider visiting the school where your children will be attending. Get a tour around the campus with your children and get to know their teacher, if possible. You can even take trips with your kids between home and school to further help them be comfortable with their surroundings especially when taking public transportations.

Most importantly, acknowledge that this transition can be stressful, but don’t worry, as there are ways to manage the stress. For one, ensure that your children are getting enough sleep and a balanced diet. Also, because it’s summertime, take the family to a leisurely trip on Israeli beaches or swimming parks. Or perhaps, you might want to book a rental in Jerusalem with a swimming pool in advance.

In conclusion, going through school transitions in Jerusalem can be a breeze when you’ve done proper research and early preparations. It’s even easier when you book rentals in Jerusalem for the summer to help children be at ease with their new surroundings.

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